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Qvilt rug corner photo special for mobile


Our unique Qvilt rugs are made from modular wool felt elements.
The way the elements interlock gives this rug it’s distinct look and feel.

The innovative wool felt elements are locked together to form a quilt like rug. The Dutch name for felt is ‘vilt’ hence the name Qvilt.

When differed colored elements are combined, a new world of design emerge. And because of it’s modular structure the design possibilities are endless.

Discover how our rugs can completely transform your space.


Qvilt rugs can be created with large scale patterns which can be bold and dramatic, or can left monotone to emphasize the unique structure and texture of the rug. I personally love complicated patterns in a ‘Ton sur Ton’ color theme.

Our contemporary Qvilt rugs are great in modern and classical interiors.

They are the perfect way to add color texture and warmth to any room.

Detail of a Qvilt rug
Mountain Sheep


Our wool felt is made from 100% Merino wool from Australia or New Zealand. And is available in a beautiful range of colors and neutral tones.

We also use felt from Austrian mountain sheep. This felt is only available in a couple of natural tones and and has an almost rough look and feel.

Wool felt is a nonwoven fabric dating back to ancient times. Not only wool felt is a biodegradable and renewable material. It is water-resistant, self-extinguishing, and has unique thermal and acoustical properties.


Get inspired from our extensive library of designs and have a look at my ‘365 design challange’. or let us create a bespoke design specially for you.

Each rug is made-to-order in the size, color and design required.
Precision cut and put together in my own studio and workspace.

Qvilt rugs are designed and made in Holland.

Please contact me for more information.


Alex Feenstra designing Qvilts 365 days